The core team at IRSC have extensive experience in training senior government officials from around the world. The photos in this section illustrate some of the workshops, seminars and practical onsite training that has been provided by senior IRSC staff lecturers to trainees during a recent EU funded project. That project covered 10 countries in Central Asia and Caucasus and all aspects of road safety. Senior members of the core IRSC faculty carried out all of the training and capacity building done in that major regional project.

In addition, the core team at IRSC have successfully undertaken many other projects involving training of local experts from around the world. These workshops have covered all key road safety issues across all 5 pillars of road safety. Apart from capacity building amongst government officials in each of the Pillars, the Core team have particular experience of training trainers on road safety issues. They also have experience of training academics in road safety teaching and research activities to encourage development of sustainable safety activities in LMICs.

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