The IRSC core team and partner organisations have trained experts in each road safety pillar including but not limited to:

  1. Road engineers in tunnel safety and road safety engineering
  2. Senior police officers of enforcement tactics and strategies and patrol police on enforcement techniques, enforcement equipment and high speed pursuit driving
  3. Officials on vehicle inspection / checking systems and techniques
  4. Driver instructors and driving examiners
  5. Specialists in emergency first aid and Emergency Medical Services
  6. Children, parents and teachers on child education issues
  7. Senior managers and division heads on road safety management issues.

Much of this training has been through direct practical exercises where smaller groups of trainees are taken out on site to put into practice the things that have been learnt in the earlier workshops and seminars. In the case of police training, for example, simulations of serious crash scenes are created on roads and police given training (in both day and night conditions) on how to control an accident scene and to collect all the forensic evidence needed to reconstruct crashes and to identify crash contributory crash causes.

The adjacent images illustrate just a small sample of the sorts of training recently undertaken by our expert in the 5 road safety pillars.

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