As indicated in the brochure, IRSC primary objective is to share experience and expertise with and between LMICs. We also want to assist each LMIC to be able to address their road safety problems more effectively using the 5 Pillar approach advocated in the UN Decade of Action Plan. This requires extensive capacity building of key officials in each key area of safety activity in each Pillar so that they have the technical knowledge to do more effective work. However, to achieve longer term sustainability we also need to develop local instructors and assist them to establish suitable training courses in country so they can train other local experts and to enable experts to keep themselves updated in their specialist areas of activity.

We therefore intend to develop a section of this site for those who have passed through the training courses so that they can keep in touch with each other and so that they can keep themselves updated in their respective fields. We intend that our IRSC core faculty and some of our external expert lecturers and course leaders will hold periodic webinars and and regular "expert clinics" so that topics of interest can be discussed and any queries resolved. This will form a community of safety experts to regularly exchange and share information and to remain updated on the latest developments

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