I attach for those road safety colleagues who may be interested, a new document that has been prepared for free distribution as guidance for road design engineers, new safety auditors and safety inspectors working on multilateral development bank funded roads. This document has now been endorsed/ supported by several road safety audit associations and by PIARC. We hope to see this sort of document used as basis for 2 day safety awareness training of road design engineers BEFORE they actually start designing major roads. It shows typical unsafe situations that often occur and how they could have been avoided. I think we can eliminate around 60-70% of such unintended unsafe situations, if designers can be shown typical unsafe situations that can occur unintentionally and the simple ways how they could have been avoided

This guidelines document is largely (around 90%) based on what I and some of my former project team developed and distributed via IRSC  after a 10 country project covering Eastern Europe / Caucasus and Central Asia regions so illustrates examples from that particular region. Development of this latest version has been led by my IRSC colleague, Dejan Jovanov and there has also been useful input from a number of other experienced safety auditors and organisations who have endorsed it. We would like to see, similar guidance documents prepared and distributed free in each geographic region e.g.  East Africa, West Africa, Central America, South America South East Asia, Pacific etc. These should be in local languages and with local photographs showing typical recurring safety problems and possible solutions relevant to each region.

We at IRSC are happy to work with local institutes / universities / safety audit associations in such sub regions to compile local illustrative photos of typical unsafe designs and to encourage and where feasible, to advise /assist in development of local language or sub regional versions of this document. Anyone interested in producing or financing development of such local versions is welcome to contact me at IRSC to discuss how we might be able to collaborate.

Best regards

Alan Ross
President, International Road safety Centre (IRSC)
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New Practical Guidance for  Safety Auditors and Road Designers 

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