A useful new document for those interested in this area . Unfortunately it does not discuss more radical possibilities of insurance industry getting involved in vehicle inspection /testing or  even in driver testing.   At present this is left to government agency personnel who have no direct long term benefits from stricter testing and in some cases may even engage in corruption for their personal short term gain

In Marine safety,  the insurance company itself tests the vessels it insures for seaworthiness and tests / certifies the  Navigators  for competence . It does so  well  and thoroughly because it has  direct  financial benefits in reducing their risks

If we are really serious about improving road safety, especially in developing world where 90% of global deaths occur and where we know many vehicles are often very old  and unroadworthy,  we need to look for new and more radical ways to address the problem .

GRSP report Insuring_Safer_Roads_May_2017

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