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Globally with 1.25 million deaths and up to 50 million person injured and disabled annually there are over 3500 deaths every day on roads, equivalent to a 911 Twin towers tragedy or 10 jumbo jet airplane crashes every single day, 365 days a year but road crashes remain a “silent plague” in many Low and Middle Income Countries...
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Road Safety Audit

Today, all around the world it is well known that road crashes are a big social and economic problem. Different measures and programs have been developed to reduce the number of casualties on roads. On an international level, the United Nations, World Health Organization, International financial institutions (especially IBRD or ADB, EBRD, EIB, etc.) and some specialized NGOs (PIARC,...
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President’s Welcome note

Friends and colleagues, Welcome to the International road safety centre (IRSC) and this, my first blog from IRSC. As some of you will know, setting up IRSC and its activities has taken a little longer than we expected but we are now getting there. We have started some advisory activities already and expect to be fully...
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Black Spot Management

Road crashes are now widely recognized as a serious social and economical problem. And different measures and programs were devised to reduce the blood toll on roads. On the international level, United Nations, World Health Organization, European Commission, International financing organization (especially World Bank, ADB, EIB, IBRD, Islamic Bank,...) and some specialized NGO (PIARC, ETSC,...
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