Meet the Team

The international road safety centre (IRSC ) is a not-for-profit organisation and has been established by international road safety advocates and experts Dr Alan Ross and Professor Krsto Lipovac. They will be the primary authors preparing the textbooks and overseeing preparation of the teaching and research materials. They will be supported with inputs from other professors and lecturers also experienced in teaching road safety in universities and police academies . the IRSC core staff are described below

Dr Alan ROSS

Founder and President , IRSC, Road Safety Management

Over 40+ years of experience of advising on road safety programmes, action plans and management, coordination and funding issues in over 70 countries.  Proven track record of delivering safety improvements in LMICs.  Author of several guidelines / manuals on various road safety issues now in use around the World.

Prof Dr Krsto LIPOVAC

Founder and Vice President , Director of Programmes 

30+ years of experience of teaching and research on road safety, traffic engineering and traffic policing issues.  Professor at both the University and Academy for Police Studies in Belgrade.  Former Director of Serbian Road Safety Agency, member and adviser to several National Road Safety Councils.  Author of numerous textbooks on road safety issues.

Prof Dr Milan VUJANIĆ

Chairman of IRSC Technical Steering Committee 

 Over 30 years’ experience in research and teaching on road safety issues with specialism in Accident analyses and reconstruction. Past Chairman of Board of a national roads authority and the National Airline. Visiting professor to several countries and adviser to several road safety councils and road safety agencies. Author of several university textbooks on road safety issues. The leading road safety academic in western Balkans.

Dr Dejan Jovanov

Lecturer / Coordinator Pillar 2 – Safety Engineering

 Over 25 years of experience of safety engineering in more than 20 countries.  Former head of a road safety unit within a National Roads Authority.  He is a specialist in safety engineering with extensive experience of Road Safety Audits (RSA) , BlackSpot Management (BSM) programmes, and developing manuals and training courses in safety engineering.

Dr Dusan Mladenovic

Lecturer / Coordinator  Pillar 3 – Vehicle Safety

Over 30 years of experience of vehicle related safety issues. A former Deputy Minister of Transport and university academic, he understands the political and the technical issues involved in vehicle inspection. He has extensive experience advising on vehicle safety issues and vehicle technical inspection systems and has provided advice on such matters in more than 10 countries.

Prof Miladin NEŠIĆ

Professor of traffic at Police Academy

Over 30 years of experience, including Professor at Belgrade Academy of Criminalistic and Police studies (ACPS) He has extensive experience of training Police in traffic enforcement strategies, tactics , performance management and data-led policing.

Also extensive Experience in training police on crash data systems , data analyses and accident site investigations

The core team will develop road safety textbooks and training materials where there is felt to be a gap in existing teaching materials suitable for the developing World. These materials will be reviewed / commented on by IRSC network of international experts with extensive practical experience of advising on or implementing road safety programmes across the Low and Middle Income Countries ( LMICs)

IRSC is designed to operate as a high level international “platform” for the sharing of knowledge, expertise and documentation on road safety to the LMICs. Road safety teaching materials and resources available from IRSC website will include not only those developed at IRSC itself but also any excellent materials produced by other organisations.