Members of the IRSC core team have extensive experience of training experts from LMICs in a variety of road safety topics and in arranging study tours to IRSC partner organisations.  Visiting officials can be shown how organisations were reformed to become more effective agents of road safety.  These officials can also have direct discussions with those who actually carried out the reforms.

The following comments come from members of a recent TRACECA Study Tour to IRSC in Serbia:


"...We have seen many innovative activities which we will try to implement in our country. The main idea of this work is to save people’s lives and make sure that people do not suffer from traffic accidents..."

Vagif Hajiyev, Deputy Chairman of JSC "AzerDorservis"

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"...  It is the first time in my life that I have been in such a place. I liked how they are doing their job. Everything is clear and well established there. Their methods of psychological influence on drivers is a s very interesting and unique approach. They have set ambitious goals and I believe they will succeed. The centre is very modern and I am sure they have a bright future..."

Nikolay Mindra, Main consultant of Road Development Department, Ministry of Transport

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"... NAVAK centre is the best one I have seen in different countries. It cares about safety, and road safety is a main problem in the world, and what is interesting is that you are doing it very well. You are increasing the level of awareness of young generation and I think that if Georgia uses the examples from the NAVAK it will help to decrease the level of injuries in Georgia also..."

Shalva Uriadmkopeli, Head of Safety Department, Land Transport Agency

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"It is a new experience and we will make thorough analysis of what we have seen after having returned to our country because having an opportunity to see a more professional training, driving in specific conditions – it is a very useful experience for us and we will use it in our country..."

Kanat Sadvakasov, Head of Road Safety Coordination Department, Ministry of Internal Affairs

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"... Everything is professionally organized, to a high standard. What is more, we could look at the driving quality of all these drivers and it turned out that they not only work there but also train drivers from the embassies of the other countries. They are top class professionals, I must admit. Generally, I can say that such activities are very important nowadays and we hope that they will be continued..."

Asfandiyor Ulmasov, Deputy Head of Road Transport Safety, Uzbek Agency for Automobile and River Transport

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"... I was strongly impressed by the technical inspection at the centre where the most advanced equipment is used and they carry out this inspection regardless of the condition of a vehicle and of whether the driver wants it or not. And the evaluation they make is always very logical."

Begijon Ziyoev, Chief Specialist of Road Transport and Transport Safety, Ministry of Transport

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7. Anonymous comments by the Study Tour participants

"... The presentations by the lecturers were very interesting. We hope to participate in other events like the Study Tour..."
"... The level of knowledge of the lecturers is excellent. We would like to hear more discussions and participation of the audience next time..."
"... High level of organisation of the Study Tour. Thank you very much for the information. I will be using it at work during implementation of road safety measures in my home country..."
"... Thank you for the opportunity to attend the NAVAK and other organisations where we could discuss the road safety issues with the experts and see their work..."
"... The Study Tour is very useful for my future work. I hope there will be more events like this one so we could discuss road safety issues with the experts..."
"... The topics discussed during the Study Tour were very important. The level of presentations and knowledge of the lecturers was very high. Thank you very much..."

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"... This was a great opportunity to exchange our experience and knowledge. This will help me in my future work on road safety issues..."

Anonymous comments by the workshop participants

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9. Georgia

"... Very good level of organisation, friendly and experienced lecturers..."

"... Thank you very much. We would like to share our knowledge with other countries, so we would be glad to participate in other workshops..."

Anonymous comments by the workshop participants

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