P4: Safer Road Users


All road users share responsibility to use the road system safely and responsibly and with consideration for other users.  To change driver behaviour and to protect vulnerable road users, awareness must be increased and unacceptable road user attitudes challenged.  Road users need to be made aware of the main risk factors that increase the probability of road crashes.  Once the risks of sustaining fatal or serious injuries are better understood there is a chance that behaviours can be changed to minimise these risks.

It is necessary to target the main “risk” factors identified from analyses of the available in-country data.  Education and awareness campaigns aimed at improving road user behaviour are best done in conjunction with engineering and enforcement interventions to maximise synergy and as part of a "safe systems" approach where providers of infrastructure have to take more responsibility for the safety of infrastructure they provide.  For example, speed needs to be reduced in urban areas and linear settlements through engineering and enforcement methods.  Ill-disciplined drivers and high risk and anti social behaviours need to be deterred through effective and extensive data-led traffic police enforcement.

Child safety can be improved by providing appropriate traffic education to families and in schools, focussed on “survival” skills.  Where possible this should be accompanied by physical improvement projects such as “safe routes to school”and low speed zones near schools  involving local communities.

The training and services that IRSC can provide in this Pillar includes:

  • Road safety education of schoolchildren: given by parents and teachers; designed around age appropriate materials and teaching of survival skills at different age levels.  Training in development / adaptation of teaching materials for curricula and training of teachers and teacher instructors;


  • Road safety publicity: identification of high risk factors and high risk road user groups.  Development implementation, monitoring and evaluation of multi media campaigns;
  • Police enforcement strategies and tactics: to support national and local road safety media campaigns.  Please note: over 5000 traffic police and 1000 senior police officers have been trained in modern data-led police enforcement by the pool of policing experts now available through the IRSC;
  • Driver training and testing systems: including theory and practical driving tests.  Quality control of driving schools and registered driving instructors and control systems to prevent corruption in driving tests.  Please note: the world class NAVAK Driving centre is an IRSC Partner.


  • Retraining of banned or punished drivers: preparation and development of retraining courses for people who have lost their driver's license or been required to attend retraining because of dangerous driving behaviours.  This includes the development of course curricula for bad drivers, Train the Trainers courses, evaluation and testing procedures and preparation of training guidelines and materials;
  • Mobilising NGOs and communities: to take more responsibility in local areas and helping them to become more proactive;
  • Mobilising Private sector to be more proactive: in supporting road safety and to participate in coordinated road safety activities.  Company road safety policies that influence workers, suppliers (via supply-chain responsibilities), own drivers and vehicles;
  • Mobilising Public sector organisations to be more active: in supporting road safety and participation in coordinated road safety activities.  Public sector employer  road safety policies to influence workers, suppliers (via supply-chain responsibilities), own drivers and vehicles.

Courses offered under this pillar are:
pdf.png-550x0Child education and training
pdf.png-550x0Образование и подготовка детей

pdf.png-550x0Driver training
pdf.png-550x0Подготовка водителей

pdf.png-550x0Road safety publicity campaigns
pdf.png-550x0Кампании по БДД

pdf.png-550x0Traffic law enforcement
pdf.png-550x0Обеспечение соблюдения ПДД

pdf.png-550x0Vulnerable road users
pdf.png-550x0Уязвимые участники дорожного движения

pdf.png-550x0Safe Road Users Senior Executive Course
pdf.png-550x0Безопасность участников дорожного движения

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