Training at LMIC Based Partners

The primary aim of IRSC is to develop local capacity in each country that can then manage and coordinate road safety issues more affectively.  The IRSC's intention is to encourage the development of sustainable in-country road safety activities and help to thereby reduce deaths and injuries in each country.

This requires:

1. Training of key government officials to manage and implement national road safety programmes;

2. Training of key stakeholders in road safety activities that they can do in their areas of responsibility;

3. Training of local instructors to deliver IRSC courses in-country in local languages;

4. Training / mentoring of academics to undertake effective road safety research and teaching that creates a knowledge framework for better policy making.  A bi-product of this exercise is the development of a cadre of future safety specialists that the country will need if success is to be achieved and maintained.

IRSC courses are offered in Belgrade where we train senior officials, potential instructors and academics as needed and let them visit counterpart organisations in their field to see how they carry out their activities.  However, it is our intention to work with client LMIC governments to eventually make relevant IRSC courses available at nominated partner organisations in each country so that training can be provided in country.

In general, such “portable” courses will be aimed at training local trainers in specific topics together with the use of related training materials (text books, slide packs and instructor guides) and assisting them to develop local language versions of IRSC courses.  There may also be the opportunity for follow up visits to assist local instructors present the first few courses until they feel confident and capable in delivering the courses independently.

Please note that local partners cannot be designated as “IRSC certified” delivery channels until IRSC has evaluated the quality of the courses being delivered .

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