Why is IRSC needed?

Many Low & Middle Income Countries (LMIC) lack effective management, coordination and funding structures necessary to develop and implement effective road safety programmes.  The IRSC has been established to assist the development of key officials, legislation and coordination structures in LMIC countries.

Development Bank loans often include safety and capacity building components.  However, the importance and quality of supporting training is frequently underestimated.  As a result, the training provided within such loans can be inconsistent and of variable quality.

The IRSC offers an extensive range of consistent, well-structured, high quality courses and guidelines for LMICs trainees.  Where appropriate, IRSC partners with governments and in-country organisations to provide road safety training materials that can be used by trainers for local training courses and by local universities.

In this way, LMICs are able to develop cadres of road safety specialists in each UN Pillar and create an environment where road safety can develop and grow in a sustainable way.

How will it operate?

The IRSC is a Not for Profit organisation.  Course participants pay a modest charge for courses and course related costs.  Surpluses are reinvested to improve courses, subsidise the costs of translation, printing and distribution of road safety materials and for support and promotion of road safety in LMICs.

Training resources are made available to course participants, universities and partner organisations in client countries at affordable prices to ensure the widespread distribution of IRSC international best practice.  The Centre actively seeks support from donors and direct partnership agreements with individual recipient LMIC governments.  For example, we anticipate that bilateral agencies, Development Banks, Consultants and other groups implementing projects in LMICs, will send their trainees to the IRSC or invite IRSC to assist in comprehensive capacity building programs in country

In addition, donor funding is sought for sponsorship of selected trainees from LMICs.

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