External Lecturers

Dr Rune Elvik

Over 30 years experience in researching road safety issues and the leading international expert on effectiveness of road safety countermeasures. Visiting professor at several universities and an experienced lecturer. Author of the most important and internationally known textbook / manual on effectiveness of road safety countermeasures.

Michalis Adamantiadis

Former Chief of Facilitation and Economics Section in UNECE Transport Division, representative on UNRSC and contributor to Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020, Expert in Worldwide international transport legislation and road safety specialist with over 38 years of experience, half of which was in senior positions in  the UNECE. Transport Policy Advisor for the WB SSATP Project and Senior Expert in European Union funded projects.

Juan Ramos

Former Secretary of the UNECE World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP.29). Over 35 years experience in vehicle regulations, covering both safety and environment, at worldwide level in international transport and related policy; Experience of working with governments and key international stakeholders UN, EU on vehicle regulatory legislation and in advising numerous governments on vehicle safety legislation and relevant UN Conventions.

Mr Manfred Breithapt

Ex GIZ with over 30 years of experience on road safety and mobility issues. As the lead expert on sustainable transport at GIZ he provided advice and training to clients and government partners on urban road safety and sustainable transport issues around the world and oversaw GIZ work in these areas.

Joop Goos

Over 30 years experience in road safety education and publicity. Past president of PRI, the international association of road safety agencies he has been a Global leader in road safety advocacy and exchange of experience between national organisations responsible for road safety around the world.

Hans Joachin Vollpracht

Over 30 years experience. As a former Director of roads in Germany and former Chairman of PIARC road safety committee he has been a strong advocate in making road safety a higher priority in PIARC member roads authorities around the world. He has particular expertise in human factors in road engineering and in road safety in linear settlements.


Eric Remacle (TBC)

Over 20 years experience. Responsible for road safety within the NGO, Handicap international (HI) network of offices in 65 countries. Has experience of overseeing extensive programs of road safety in communities and safety promotion and in development of a crash data system combining health and police data and in advising National road safety councils.

Stein Lundebye

Ex World Bank, Over 30 years experience of implementing road and transport projects in numerous countries as an adviser to governments and as a senior engineer at the WB where he was one of the leading advocates / promoters of road safety by including components on his projects. Winner of several international road safety awards. Extensive knowledge of WB lending processes and technical assistance activities.

Robert Klein

Formerly with GRSP and now ADB adviser to 10 ASEAN countries. over 30 years experience in road safety. As Director of the GRSP Initiative in Asia oversaw implementation of road safety interventions in many Asian countries. Has extensive experience of road safety issues especially those related to road user behaviour and is a very experienced lecturer on road safety issues.

Charles Melhuish

Ex Asian Development Bank. Over 30 years experience of overseeing implementation of road and transport projects across ADB region. Previously responsible for many ADB funded road safety projects implemented across Asia – Pacific region and very knowledgeable about ADB lending processes and technical assistance activities in LMICs.

John Stuchbery

Over 30 years’ experience in roads and highways and related ITS and in management consultancy with particular expertise in change management within roads authorities and in performance management through effective project management focussed on delivery of agreed outcomes and impacts.

Steve Smith

Over 30 years experience in Transportation with a successful track record of achievement in both the public and private sectors, including local government. His career extensive consultancy and management of a major management consultancy business focussed on providing management advice to numerous major international and government clients.

Valeri Chernenko

Over 30 years experience. A former head of Ukrainian Government Land Transport Inspection Agency (5,000+ staff) overseeing regulation, control and road safety inspections of road based public transport and commercial freight transport. He has extensive knowledge of managing / controlling and regulating road safety issues in commercial transport.

Marcin Flieger

20 years experience in traffic police in Poland and extensive practical experience of developing, implementing and managing a nationwide system of electronic enforcement (red light and speed cameras). Has extensive knowledge of electronic enforcement systems.

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