Faculty Core Staff

Alan Ross

Dr Alan ROSS

Dr Alan Ross: President / Coordinator Pillar 1 - Road Safety Management


Over 30+ years experience of advising Development Banks, Aid Agencies and governments on road safety programmes, action plans and management, coordination and funding issues in over 60 countries.  Proven track record of delivering safety improvements in LMICs.  Author of several guidelines / manuals on various road safety issues now in use around the World.


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Professor Kristo Lipovac

Prof Dr Krsto Lipovac

Prof Dr Krsto Lipovac:  Vice President / Director of Programmes


30+ years of experience of teaching and research on road safety, traffic engineering and traffic policing issues.  Professor at both the University and Academy for Police Studies in Belgrade.  Former Director of Serbian Road Safety Agency, member and adviser to several National Road Safety Councils.  Author of numerous textbooks on road safety issues.


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Dr Dejan Jovanov

Dr Dejan Jovanov;  Lecturer / Coordinator Pillar 2 - Safety Engineering


Over 20 years experience of safety engineering in more than 20 countries.  Former head of a road safety unit within a National Roads Authority.  He is a specialist in safety engineering with extensive experience of Road Safety Audits (RSA), BlackSpot Management (BSM) programmes, and developing manuals and training courses in safety engineering.


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Dr Dusan Mladenovic: Lecturer / Coordinator  Pillar 3 - Vehicle Safety


Dr. Dusan Mladenovic


Over 25 years experience of vehicle related safety issues. A former Deputy Minister of Transport and university academic, he understands the political and the technical issues involved in vehicle inspection. He has extensive experience advising on vehicle safety issues and vehicle technical inspection systems and has provided advice on such matters in more than 10 countries.

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Prof Miladin Nesic: Lecturer / Coordinator pillar 4 : Road User Behaviour


Prof Miladin Nesic


Over 25 years experience, including Professor at Belgrade ACPS, he has extensive experience of training Police in traffic enforcement strategies, tactics and data-led policing. Also extensive experience in lecturing and research on road safety issues and developing safety in communities.


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Dr xxx yyyyyy: Lecturer / Coordinator Pillar 5 - Post Crash Activities


Over 25 years experience as an emergency medical doctor managing and developing emergency medical rescue services etc etc.

Dr xxx yyyyyy

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