Training Course Developers & Lecturers

The IRSC is designed to operate as a high level international “platform” for the sharing of knowledge, expertise and documentation in all aspects of road safety.  Individuals invited by IRSC to develop and present courses, case studies or to participate as lecturers will include  world class experts.   Course contributions will come from leading international road safety organisations, experts and road safety champions from countries (especially LMIC Countries) that have implemented successful road safety programmes.

Lecturers will be able to share their expertise, practical experience and insights with course participants and, where possible, provide follow up mentoring and support services to course participants once they return to their normal work activities.  Where required and feasible, IRSC may also be able to facilitate twinning arrangements and short term exchanges of personnel  to assist  LMIC Government Organisations and Municipalities.

The following sub-menus list examples of the key individuals making up the Core Faculty of IRSC together with details of our world class pool of External Experts.  This high quality resource pool  can be drawn upon as needed by IRSC to contribute to training courses or to develop and present specialist courses in their particular areas of expertise.

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