#1: The UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020.

#3: The International Road Safety Centre (IRSC)

A new not-for-profit organisation, established by a number of international road safety advocates

#2: Why the IRSC is based in Serbia

An example of a Low / Middle Income Country (LMIC) that has reduced deaths by 57% in last 14 years


To assist Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs) build local capacity and expertise across all 5 UN Decade Pillars of Road Safety thereby facilitating the development of effective and sustainable road safety activities that reduce deaths and injuries on their roads.

Mission Statement

Sharing experience and expertise, and advancing professionalism in all aspects of Road Safety.

Latest Abstracts

  • Road Safety Audit

    Background Road crashes are a major social and economic problem around the world and many stakeholders are engaged in trying to improve the situation.  In the autumn of 2009, Ministers and…

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  • Black Spot Management

    Crashes have multiple contributory factors but it is often clear that there are some parts of every road network where there is an unusually high frequency of road crashes. These…

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"...We have seen many innovative activities which we will try to implement in our country. The main idea of this work is to save people’s lives and make sure that people do not suffer from...

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"...  It is the first time in my life that I have been in such a place. I liked how they are doing their job. Everything is clear and well established there. Their methods of psychological influence on drivers is...

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"... NAVAK centre is the best one I have seen in different countries. It cares about safety, and road safety is a main problem in the world, and what is interesting is that you are doing it very well....

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"It is a new experience and we will make thorough analysis of what we have seen after having returned to our country because having an opportunity to see a more professional training, driving in specific...

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